Effect of global warming on Western Mediterranean seagrasses: a preliminary agent-based modelling approach

Llabrés, Eva; Blanco-Magadán, Aina; Sales, Marta; Sintes, Tomas

Self-organized sulfide-driven traveling pulses shape seagrass meadows

Ruiz-Reynés, Daniel; Mayol, Elvira; Sintes, Tomàs; Hendriks, Iris E.; Hernández-García, Emilio; Duarte, Carlos M.; Marbà, N.; Gomila, Damià
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A mathematical model for inter-specific seagrass interactions: reproducing field observations for C. nodosa and C. prolifera

Eva Llabrés, Elvira Mayol, Núria Marbá, Tomás Sintes
OIKOS 2022, e09296 (1-10) (2022)

Cell migration in cancer metastasis

Pedrosa Garcia-Moreno, Marta; (Advisors: Sintes, Tomás; Janssen, Liesbeth; Storm, Cornelis)
Master Thesis (2021)

Colloidal magnetic brushes: influence of the magnetic content and presence of short-ranged attractive forces in the micro-structure and field response.

Cerdà, J.J.; Bona-Casas, C.; Cerrato, A.; Sintes, T.; Massó, J.
Soft Matter 17, 5780-5791 (2021)

Collective effects in voltage-gated protein ensembles

Fullana Sánchez, Antonia (Advisor: Sintes, Tomás)
Master Thesis (2020)

Competition between Mediterranean clonal seagrasses

Abio Rojo, Albert (Advisor: Sintes, Tomás)
Master Thesis (2020)

Adsorption transition of grafted ferromagnetic filaments controlled by external magnetic fields

Sánchez, Pedro A.; Novak, Ekaterina V.; Pyanzina, Elena S.; Kantorovich, Sofia S.; Cerdà, Joan J.; Sintes, Tomas
Physical Review E 102, 022609 (1-11) (2020)

Magnetic responsive brushes under flow in narrow slits: external field control of brush structure and flowing particle mixture separation

Cerdà, J. J.; Bona-Casas, C.; Pyanzina, E. S.; Sánchez, P. A.; Kantorovich, S.; Sintes, T.
Soft Matter 15, 8937–9160 (2019)

Suspensions of supracolloidal magnetic polymers: self-assembly properties from computer simulations.

Pyanzina, E. S.; Novak, E. V.; Rozhkov, D. A.; Ronti, M.; Cerdà, J. J.; Sintes, T.; Sánchez, P. A.; Kantorovich, S. S.
Journal of Molecular Liquids 271, 631-638 (2018)

Self-assembly of polymer-like structures of magnetic colloids: Langevin dynamics study of basic topologies.

Rozhkov, D. A.; Pyanzina, E. S.; Novak, E.V.; Cerdà, J.J.; Sintes, Tomas; Ronti, M. ; Sciortino, F. ; Sanchez, P.A.; Kantorovich, S. S.
Molecular Simulation 44, 507-515 (2018)

Fairy circle landscapes under the sea

Ruiz-Reynés, D.; Gomila, D.; Sintes, T.; Hernández-García, E.; Marbà, N.; Duarte, C.M.
Science Advances 3, e1603262 (1-8) (2017)

Complex between cationic like-charged polyelectrolytes/surfactants systems

Bassalah, Mohamed E. A.; Cerdà, J.J.; Sintes, Tomas; Aschi, Adel; Othman, Tahar
European Polymer Journal 96, 55-68 (2017)

Scattering properties and internal structure of magnetic filament brushes

Pyanzina,Elena S.; Sánchez, Pedro A.; Cerdà, Joan J. ; Sintes, Tomas; Kantorovich, Sofia S.
Soft Matter 13, 2590-2602 (2017)

The behavior of a magnetic filament in flow under the influence of an external magnetic field

Lüsebrink, Daniel; Cerdà, Joan J.; Sánchez, Pedro A.; Kantorovich, Sofia; Sintes, Tomas
The Journal of Chemical Physics 145, 234902 (2016)

Dynamics of vascular branching morphogenesis

Khadka, Jason (Supervisors Sintes, T.; Matias, M.A.)
Master Thesis (2016)

Flexible magnetic filaments under the influence of external magnetic fields in the limit of infinite dilution

Cerdà, Joan J.; Sánchez, Pedro A.; Lusebrink, Daniel; Kantorovich, Sofia; Sintes, Tomas
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 12616--12625 (2016)

Magnetic filament brushes: tuning the properties of a magnetoresponsive supracolloidal coating

Sánchez, Pedro A.; Pyanzina, Elena; Novak, Ekaterina; Cerdà, Joan J.; Sintes, Tomas; Kantorovich, Sofia
Faraday Discussions 186, 241-263 (2016)

Supramolecular Magnetic Brushes: The Impact of Dipolar Interactions on the Equilibrium Structure

Sánchez, P. A.; Pyanzina, E. S.; Novak, E. V.; Cerdà, J.J.; Sintes, T.; Kantorovich, S. S.
Macromolecules 48, 7658-7669 (2015)

Rheological properties of a single magnetic filament. A Langevin dynamics study.

Sitges Riera, Juan (Supervisors: Sintes, T.; Cerdà, J. J.)
Master Thesis (2015)

The effect of links on the interparticle dipolar correlations in supramolecular magnetic filaments

Sánchez, Pedro A.; Cerdà, Joan J. Cerdà; Sintes, Tomàs; Ivanov, Alexey O.; Kantorovich, Sofia S.
Soft Matter 11, 2963-2972 (2015)

Effects of the dipolar interaction on the equilibrium morphologies of a single supramolecular magnetic filament in bulk

Sanchez, P.A.; Cerdà, Joan J.; Sintes,Tomas; Holm,Christian;
Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 044904 (2013)

Phase diagram for a single flexible Stockmayer polymer at zero field

Cerdà, Joan J.; Sanchez, P.A.; Holm,Christian; Sintes,Tomas;
Soft Matter 9, 7185-7195 (2013)

Assessing the CO2 capture potential of seagrass restoration projects

Duarte, C.M.; Sintes, T.; Marbà, N.
Journal of Applied Ecology 50, 1341-1349 (2013)

Ice polyamorphism in the minimal Mercedes-Benz model of water

Cartwright, J.; Piro, O.; Sánchez, P.A.; Sintes, T.
Journal of Chemical Physics 137, 244503(1-7) (2012)

Implication of extreme life span in clonal organisms : millenary clones in meadows of the threatened seagrass Posidonia oceanica.

Arnaud-Haond, S.; Duarte, C.; Diaz-Almela, E.; Marbà, N.; Sintes, T.; Serrao, E.
PLoS ONE 7, e30454 (2012)

Transitions at the mesoscale: morphological changes in thin solid films and magnetic filaments.

Sanchez, P.A. (Directors: O. Piro and T. Sintes)
PhD Thesis (2011)

Semiflexible magnetic filaments near attractive flat surfaces: a Langevin dynamics study

Sanchez, P.A.; Cerda, J.J.; Balleneger, V.; Sintes, T.; Piro, O.; Holm, C.
Soft Matter 7, 1809-1818 (2011)

Influence of microstructure on the transitions between mesoscopic thin-film morphologies in ballistic-diffusive models

Sánchez, P. A.; Sintes, T.; Piro, O.; Cartwright, J. H. E.
Physical Review E 81, 011140 (1-11) (2010)

Effects of microstructures on mesoscopic morphological transitions in deposition growth models

Sánchez, P. A.; Sintes, T.; Piro, O.; Cartwright, J. H. E.
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science 465, 3875-3884 (2009)

Spherical brushes within spherical cavities: A self- consistent field and Monte Carlo study.

Cerdà, J.J.; Sintes, T.; Toral, R.
Journal of Chemical Physics 131, 134901 (2009)

Shear effects on crystal nucleation in colloidal suspensions

Cerdà, J.J; Sintes, T.; Holm, C.; Sorensen, C.; Chakrabarti, A.
Physical Review E 78, 031403 (1-16) (2008)

Ice film morphologies and the Structure Zone Model

Cartwright, J. H. E.; Escribano, B.; Piro, O.; Sainz-Diaz, C. I.; Sánchez, P. A.; Sintes, T.
COMPLEX SYSTEMS: 5th International Workshop on Complex Systems, AIP-Conference Proceedings, , 982, 696-701 (2008)

Experimental and modelling assessment of the effects of seagrass (P. oceanica) on flow and particle trapping

Hendriks, I.; Sintes, T.; Bouma, T.; Duarte, C.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 356, 163-173 (2008)

Clonal growth dynamics of the invasive Carpobrotus affine acinaciformis in Mediterranean coastal systems: a non-linear model.

Sintes,T.; Moragues, E.; Traveset, A.; Rita,J.
Ecological Modelling 206, 110-118 (2007)

Modeling non-linear seagrass clonal growth: Assessing the efficiency of space occupation across the seagrass flora

Sintes, T.; Marbà, N.; Duarte, C.M.
Estuaries and Coasts 29, 72-80 (2006)

Adsorption of semiflexible block-copolymers on homogeneous surfaces

Cerda. J., Sintes T., Sumithra, K.
Journal of Chemical Physics 123, 204703 (2005)

Polymer depletion-driven colloids, and polymer-surface interactions

Cerdà, Joan J. (Director Tomas Sintes)
PhD Thesis (2005)

Excluded volume effects on polymer chains confined to spherical surfaces

Juan J. Cerdà, T. Sintes, A. Chakrabarti
Macromolecules 38, 1469-1477 (2005)

Stiff polymer adsorption. Onset to pattern recognition

Juan J. Cerdà, T. Sintes
Biophysical Chemistry 115, 277-283 (2005)

Non-linear processes in seagrass-colonization explained by simple clonal growth rules

Sintes, T.; Marbà, N.; Duarte, C.M.; Kendrick, G.A.
Oikos 108, 165-175 (2005)

Kinetics of phase transformation in depletion driven colloids

Juan J. Cerdà; T. Sintes; C. M. Sorensen; A. Chakrabarti
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Structure Factor scaling in colloidal phase separation

Juan J. Cerdà; T. Sintes; C. M. Sorensen; A. Chakrabarti
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Interaction of colloidal particles bearing grafted polymer chains onto spherical surfaces

Cerdà, J.J.; T. Sintes; R. Toral.
, Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de Vigo. (2003)

Pair interaction between end grafted polymers onto spherical surfaces, a Monte-Carlo study.

Cerdà, J.J.; Sintes, T.; Toral, R.
Macromolecules 36, 1407-1413 (2003)

Enhanced kinetics and free-volume universality in desnse aggregating systems

Fry, D., T. Sintes, A. Chakrabarti and C. M. Sorensen
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Optimal efficiency condition and current reversals in forced underdamped ratchets

Sintes, T. and K. Sumithra
Physica A 312, 86-98 (2002)

Isothermal Ratchets: numerical study of the efficiency of the energy transduction

T. Sintes, K. Sumithra
Computer Physics Communications 147, 646-649 (2002)

Adsorption of semiflexible polymers on flat homogeneous surfaces

Sintes T., K. Sumithra, E. Straube
Macromolecules 34, 1352-1357 (2001)

Efficiency optimization in forced ratchets due to thermal fluctuations

K. Sumithra, and T. Sintes
Physica A 297, 1-12 (2001)

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