Time-resolved Coulomb collision of single electrons

Fletcher, J. D.; Park, W.; Ryu, Sungguen; See, P.; Griffiths, J. P.; Jones, G. A. C.; Farrer, I.; Ritchie, D. A.; Sim, H.-S.; Kataoka, M.
Nature Nanotechnology 18, 727-732 (2023)

A series of recent experiments have shown that collision of ballistic electrons in semiconductors can be used to probe the indistinguishability of single-electron wavepackets. Perhaps surprisingly, their Coulomb interaction has not been seen due to screening. Here we show Coulomb-dominated collision of high-energy single electrons in counter-propagating ballistic edge states, probed by measuring partition statistics while adjusting the collision timing. Although some experimental data suggest antibunching behaviour, we show that this is not due to quantum statistics but to strong repulsive Coulomb interactions. This prevents the wavepacket overlap needed for fermionic exchange statistics but suggests new ways to utilize Coulomb interactions: microscopically isolated and time-resolved interactions between ballistic electrons can enable the use of the Coulomb interaction for high-speed sensing or gate operations on fying electron qubits.

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