Andreev-Coulomb drag in coupled quantum dots

Tabatabaei, S. M.; Sanchez, D.; Levy Yeyati, R.; Sanchez, R.
Physical Review Letters 125, 247701 (1-6) (2020)

The Coulomb drag effect has been observed as a tiny current induced by both electron-hole asymmetry and interactions in normal coupled quantum dot devices. In the present work we show that the effect can be boosted by replacing one of the normal electrodes by a superconducting one. Moreover, we show that at low temperatures and for sufficiently strong coupling to the superconducting lead, the Coulomb drag is dominated by Andreev processes, is robust against details of the system parameters and can be controlled with a single gate voltage. This mechanism can be distinguished from single-particle contributions by a sign inversion of the drag current.

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