Reservoir Computing on Quantum Circuits

Morgui Sancho, Oriol ( supervisors Giorgi,Giorgi; Zambrini,Roberta)
Master Thesis (2023)

This Master’s Thesis focuses on the study and comparative analysis of two different
implementations of quantum reservoir computing in quantum computers using Qiskit
software development kit. The implementations are based on the proposals of two
distinct papers in which Noisy Intermediate-scale Quantum (NISQ) computers are
considered as platforms for different temporal tasks.
We evaluate the performance of each of the reservoirs in learning two benchmark
tasks: the Nonlinear AutoRegressive Moving Average of order 2 (NARMA2) and a
Linear Memory task. A comparison of their performance and the computational effi-
ciency of the simulations is made and the parameters that influence the performance
of each reservoir are studied.

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