The scientific coordination, decision-taking and follow-up of the project is carried out by the IFISC-MdM Executive Committee composed by: Claudio Mirasso (IP of the MdM program, President), Ingo Fischer (Co-PI of the MdM program), Maxi San Miguel (IFISC Director), Emilio Hernández-García (IFISC Deputy Director), Raúl Toral (Head of the Department of Complex Systems), Pere Colet (Head of the Department of Cross-Disciplinary Physics), and 3 guarantor researchers: Victor M. Eguiluz, Roberta Zambrini and Jose J. Ramasco (Secretary of the Commission). The role of the committee includes: determining the number of contracts of researchers and technical personnel that is offered, establishing criteria for budget allocation (personnel, infrastructures and other categories) and how to access resources, establishing criteria for assigning scientific staff to the research lines, propose the best conditions for the development of the María de Maeztu Programme, guarantee the scientific quality of the research carried out and promote synergies between the research lines, as well as to encourage international cooperation.


The INTERNAL SELECTION COMMITTEE, formed by the Director and Deputy Director of IFISC, the Scientific Director and Co-director, and one representative of the guarantors, the IFISC manager (who acts as secretary of the commission, having the right to speak but not to vote) will be in charge of the selection process for new researchers following the HRS4R criteria and recommendations. This committee will be responsible for the assignment of the new researchers to different priority research projects.


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