Activities funded by the project

A selection of the activities funded by the MdM project includes:



The Colloquia of Excellence represent a special series of seminars by eminent speakers who are working at the forefront of complex systems and are inspiring the evolution of the field. The series of Colloquia allows students and scientists of IFISC to interact with leaders in Complex Systems science in the intimate environment of our Institute and to discuss the challenges and future directions of this cross-disciplinary research field. Colloquia on Complex Systems will be webcast and, as well as past colloquia, they are available worldwide on IFISC's YouTube channel.


This Master is an official degree of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The programme is unique in the sense that it focuses strongly on the fundamental physical aspects that are necessary to understand the exciting properties of complex systems, and students are trained via experimental, theoretical and computational work. This is an international Master with all courses taught in English.

SURF@IFISC Programme

One of the IFISC commitments is to offer training for the future generations of researchers in the field of complex systems. The IFISC-SURF programme aims at attracting talented undergraduate students to perform a one-month summer research stay at IFISC. It is expected to award several scholarships to national and international students every year.



IFISC has actively engaged in informing the public about the progress and application of complex systems. IFISC is using the MdM funding to improve and foster these activities. We focus our activities on social media as we consider it to be an optimum channel for a worldwide dissemination. Press releases will be delivered to the appropriate DIGITAL MEDIA HUBS and social media platforms. We plan to continue publishing seminars, colloquia on complex systems and other IFISC videos on our YouTube channel. We will also consider a special series of videos on our different research lines at two different levels: i) research results; ii) training based on materials used in our Master courses.


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