13 IFISC researchers in Stanford University's world ranking of scientists

Nov. 16, 2023

Stanford University has published the World’s Top 2 % Scientists 2022, a global ranking of the world's most cited scientists in various disciplines. This ranking is considered one of the most prestigious in the world and it’s based on bibliometric information collected from the Scopus database (published by Elsevier) and include the top 2 % of the more than 8 million researchers considered to be active worldwide. 

In the ranking of scientific production in 2022, a total of 10 IFISC researchers appear: Apostolos Argyris, Victor M. Eguíluz, Ernesto Estrada, Ingo Fischer, Gian Luca Giorgi, Lucas Lacasa, Claudio Mirasso, José J. Ramasco, Miguel C. Soriano and Massimiliano Zanin are at the world top 2 %. In addition, Stefano Longhi, who is an associated researcher to IFISC, is also highly ranked in the listing. The high percentage of IFISC researchers who appear in the ranking with respect to its total staff is noteworthy.

On the other hand, according to the scientific production of the entire research career until 2022, 7 IFISC researchers (Apostolos Argyris, Pere Colet, Ernesto Estrada, Ingo Fischer, Claudio Mirasso, Maxi San Miguel and Raúl Toral) appear in the ranking. Once again, the high percentage of IFISC staff appearing in this ranking is notable, thus demonstrating its quality as a center of excellence.

To compile the list, Scopus data is analysed on the scientists' careers, the number of articles published and the number of times each research has been cited. Then it is normalised by research area.  Although important, at IFISC we are aware that this type of ranking partially assesses the value of researchers and should not be used as the only way to quantify the careers of scientists.

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