Electrostatic Tuning of Bilayer Graphene Edge Modes

Ali, Hira; Serra; Llorenç
Nanomaterials 13, 2102 (1-9) (2023)

We study the effect of a local potential shift induced by a side electrode on the edge modes at the boundary between gapped and ungapped bilayer graphene. A potential shift close to the gapped-ungapped boundary causes the emergence of unprotected edge modes, propagating in both directions along the boundary. These counterpropagating edge modes allow edge backscattering, as opposed to the case of valley-momentum-locked edge modes. We then calculate the conductance of a bilayer graphene wire in presence of finger-gate electrodes, finding strong asymmetries with energy inversion and deviations from conductance quantization that can be understood with the gate-induced unprotected edge modes.

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