Experimental Optical Simulator of Reconfigurable and Complex Quantum Environment

Renault, P.; Nokkala, J.; Roeland, G.; Joly, N.Y.; Zambrini, R.; Maniscalco, S.; Piilo, Y.; Treps; N.; Parigi.P
Physical Review X Quantum 4, 040310 (2023)

No quantum system can be considered totally isolated from its environment. In most cases the interaction between the system of interest and the external degrees of freedom deeply changes its dynamics, as described by open quantum system theory. Nevertheless engineered environment can be turned into beneficial effects for some quantum information tasks. Here we demonstrate an optical simulator of a quantum system coupled to an arbitrary and reconfigurable environment built as a complex network of quantum interacting systems. We experimentally retrieve typical features of open quantum system dynamics like the spectral density and quantum non-Markovianity, by exploiting squeezing and entanglement correlation of a continuous-variable optical platform. This opens the way to the experimental tests of open quantum systems in reconfigurable environments that are relevant in, among others, quantum information, quantum thermodynamics, quantum transport, and quantum synchronization.

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