High-order dynamic localization and tunable temporal cloaking in ac-electric-field driven synthetic lattices

Wang , Shulin; Qin, Chengzhi; Liu, Weiwei ; Zhou, Feng; Ye, Han ; Zhao , Lange ; Dong, Jianji; Zhang, Xinliang; Longhi, Stefano ; Lu, Peixiang
Nature Communications 13, 7653 (1-11) (2022)

Dynamic localization (DL) of photons, i.e., the light-motion cancellation effect arising from lattice’s quasi-energy band collapse under a synthetic ac-electric-field, provides a powerful and alternative mechanism to Anderson localization for coherent light confinement. So far only low-order DLs, corresponding to weak ac-fields, have been demonstrated using curved-waveguide lattices where the waveguide’s bending curvature plays the role of ac-field as required in original Dunlap-Kenkre model of DL. However, the inevitable bending losses pose a severe limitation for the observation of high-order DL. Here, we break the weak-field limitation by transferring lattice concepts from spatial to synthetic time dimensions using fiber-loop circuits and observe up to fifth-order DL. We find that high-order DLs possess superior localization and robustness against random noise over lower-order ones. As an exciting application, by judiciously combining low- and high-order DLs, we demonstrate a temporal cloaking scheme with flexible tunability both for cloak’s window size and opening time. Our work pushes DL towards high-order regimes using synthetic-lattice schemes, which may find potential applications in robust signal transmission, protection, processing and cloaking.

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