Liquid-Hexatic-Solid phases in active and passive Brownian particles determined by stochastic birth and death events

Almodovar, Alejandro; Galla, Tobias; López, Cristóbal
Physical Review E 106, 054130 (2022)

We study the effects of stochastic birth and death processes on the structural phases of systems of
active and passive Brownian particles subject to volume exclusion. The total number of particles
in the system is a fluctuating quantity, determined by the birth and death parameters, and on the
activity of the particles. As the birth and death parameters are varied we find liquid, hexatic and
solid phases. For passive particles these phases are found to be spatially homogeneous. For active
particles motility-induced phase separation (co-existing hexatic and liquid phases) occurs for large
activity and sufficiently small birth rates. We also observe a re-entrant transition to the hexatic phase
when the birth rate is increased. This results from a balance of an increasing number of particles
filling the system, and a larger number of defects resulting from the birth and death dynamics.

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